Monday, July 5, 2010

I made...

for him..
Welcome little Paddy...

It must be the blessing of travelling breech! He is so cute and chubby - and only one day old! No squishiness to be found and I think he is just adorable.Makes me wish my last ten weeks would zoom by so I can hold me newest little treasure too!
I am very proud of my friend Sash..Creating and delivering a beautiful firstborn son..I just LOVE that photo of the two of you..You know I like the hospital band in it too.. makes me remember what we have to endure to get that special gift...
Oh...Michael..Thanks to you too! Good on you Daddy!
 Here's hoping Patrick is settling into his new home with ease and that Pippa and Harry (four-legged siblings!) are adjusting as well!

Love C xx


  1. Just lovely so tiny and new,I remember that. Congrats to the Mummy and Daddy. And we love the special pressie you made Celeste, you clever smarty pants!

  2. Oh, he's gorgeous! He looks exactly like Sash! Can't wait to introduce him to his mate Ollie. Lovely pictures Cecil. xxx

  3. adorable creations and such a sweet little man!