Monday, October 20, 2008

Jeremy and Kelly's wedding..

It wasa beautiful Spring day. Perfect for getting married! Jeremy and Kelly both looked fabulous and were radiating happiness - which show in the photos I think.. Narmbool is such a gorgeous venue and the biews were amazing.. Evie and Piper were the flower girls and I could hve kept snapping away taking photos of them all day - way cute!
I was lucky to be a guest and enjoyed myself immensely. Although a wedding with an 8 week old takes it's toll on you! I was very tired by the end of the evening - especially seeing as my husband was a groomsman and was kept very busy all day!
Milla was an angel though and slept most of the reception..My beautiful baby girl.. I didn't take one photo of her or get one of me and Rodda...
Congrats guys.. They will be winging their way to Europe righ now!

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  1. wow that wedding looks beauitful.

    Hope you are well

    Kayla ReneƩ