Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy birthday..

It was a very big week in our household last week. Jemma and Grace turned 5! We had cupcakes for kinder, cakes for their birthday dinner, cakes for their party.. Let's just say - I won't be baking for a while!
The girls also got HEAPS of presents. So much so that many are still in their packaging on our lounge room floor now! We could start a modelling agencies for barbies and bratz we now have that many!!
They also got clothes, make up (shame!), jewellery, Little People, playdough actvities and reading lamps for their bunks.. AND..
They got their ears pierced after their not so 'little' party at the plaster fun house.. Yikes! Grace cried a little but not Jemmy, who proudly went first because -
" I was first born!"
The photos above were taken during dinner out at a local Italian restaurant with family on their 'actual' birthday.. They owners gave them all a ball of pizza dough - which kept them all amused fr the entire evening!
Love you babes.. My little twinnigans, my angels, my growing girls.. Now with cute little shirt dresses, leggings, pierced ears and a new little sister, you appear to have grown up overnight..
Happy 5th Birthday..


  1. Happy Birthday girls!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, 5 already!! You are such a gorgeous pair!!
    Happy Birthday - sounds like you had a fabulous day!! Go the Barbies and the Brats!!! lol!

  3. Happy birthday beautiful girls. Cute photos and love the new colour scheme Celeste.