Monday, October 15, 2007


Whilst the Little Scrapbook Shop is still running it's various Girl's Night In fundraisers, I have completed 2 of the challenges across the weekend, so thought I would give you a little looky see!

I love the innocence Of Hallie in the first layout! So at odds with her often fiery nature!
I also love the layout and photo of Grace. The challenge was to use ribbon (think pink!). Not one to shirk a challenge, I made the entire background out of ribbon!
I really like the title too! Came to me as I was scrapping it! I took the photo of it on a black background, as the arrows and some of the words come off the edge of the layout!

How the dickens am I going to put it in an album??
Hang on...I have...Just going to count them.........41!!! Cripes!
I have 41 layouts stacked against each other in tow piles on my shelf!!!
I don' think storage will be a big issue somehow!
Have changed my scraproom around today too. Don't quite know what posessed me...I have mine and the girlies table joined in a L shape. Will see how it works..