Saturday, October 27, 2007

Darling H injured her 'sucking thumb'...She was devastated, as the photo atests..
BUT...HOw I am going to get her to stop?? She made me remove the bandaid for bedtime,and the injury was obviously not so severe that it stopped her from tucking it away in her mouth!!

She doesn't suck it at all at school. Rarely during the day now, except when she is extremely tired...But she is almost six.

The bear, Poppy also pictured during a stage of running repairs to her precious head (I am such a great surgeon!) goes hand in hand with the thumb sucking. Poppy doesn't leave the house. But if she is relaxed, with the bear, ingoes the thumb...

The reason I am so concerned is because of this:

I have another one to contend with! Jem is 4 now and i want her to kick the habit earlier than H! I am stressed about them having poor teeth! I had poor teeth and I wasn't ever a thumb sucker!

Any clues anyone?? I have tried covering with bandaids, gloves....


They do sleep well though...That's a postive of thumb sucking I suppose.....



  1. Hey Lovie,

    Jere was a thumb sucker. His teeth are fine :) I was a nasty mummy and painted his nails with the stuff you use to stop them biting them. It worked within a few days. Also I took his blanket away (the thumb sucking and blankie went hand in hand).

    Don't stress to much about it, we all have our vices.



  2. Yes, painting the nails could work. You could also visit an orthodontist and ask to have your child fitted with a palatal crib. The cost is high (around $300). If painting the nails doesn't work, then you could try the palatal crib. Good luck!

  3. my mum used the yucky tasting nail polish on my sister and it seemed to do the trick. It does wear off though so you have to keep reapplying it. xx Kate.

  4. Hi Celeste. I sucked my thumb till I was about 7. The dentist made a plate that had bumps made into it. It's supposed to make it uncomfortable when sucking your thumb...I use to take mine out and hide it under the bed though :lol: Mum also painted my nails...but I eventually grew out of it. I think the dentist said that until about 7 there isn't much damage done. Perhaps a trip to the dentist might help. I'm sure that since 30 years has gone by they may have come up with something better :P