Monday, October 29, 2007


It's a bit late, seeing as I have been home for over a week, but it is better late then never! So here are the photos from our girls weekend away! We all had a wonderfully relaxing time in Apollo Bay and the weather was divinely warm for October!
Seeing as how these lovely bunch of ladies are not scrappers, I had a hard time initally getting them to pose on the beach for some shots! I would take a couple and they would start to stand as if I was finished!! I want at least five minutes and varying poses...I got two minutes, two poses and lots of smiles...That'll do!These ladies are all mum's to twins. This weekend was our regular multiple mum's getaway! This is the second year we have done it and it was all very civilised and relaxing - I also got a spunky new pair of shoes!! So it was good all round!
Special hugs to Helen for making the effort to come all the way from Shep. Love ya mate. Thanks girls for a fab weekend away and hope that your multiples are keeping the mayhem to a minimum now that you are home!
That's just a multiple myth!


  1. Sounds awesome Celeste! As a fellow twin mum I know how wonderful it would have been!

  2. You are so beautfil Miss C.. your makover is awesome..

    Wish you where here with us in Sydney!!!