Thursday, May 10, 2007

There isn't anything wrong with their eyesight!! Seriously!

A quiet afternoon - what better way to entertain small children than a packet of pipe cleaners!
Hallie didn't really take to the wire from the pipe cleaners jabbing her in the ear so there aren't any photos of her enjoying this experience!

Have also booked my tickets to fly to Sydney for the LSBSretreat in August! So now I just have to pay for the it!

Night all!


  1. OMG I just realised how grown up Jemma and Grace look in that photo!

    It's amazing how the kids are entertained by the little things!


  2. SO glad you have booked your flights! Cant wait to catch up with at the retreat!

  3. YAY youve booked!!!!!!!!
    i cant wait to see you luvie!