Saturday, May 12, 2007


Our neighbours who were renting the house next door moved yesterday. We weren't particularly close to them but, we were to their kitten - Rabbit.
They had a whole litter, which is where the 'hello kittky' layout came from. But one by one they were given away and this was a great learning experience for our girls. But Rabbit remained and she was so friendly and let the girls carry her around all the time. Grace was particularly attached to her and will miss her alot.
They aren't moving far, so I hope Rabbit doesn't try to come back to visit - It could be rather dangerous!

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  1. i love cats, i have 2 myself and they are adorable, it will be sad that they won't have their friend around any more, hopefully it won't be too hard on them.

    I would like to thank you though because one of you photos on the layotus in the new scrapbook creations inspired me to take some really nice photos of my little sister today.
    your photos are so good and i always am able to draw great inspiration from your fantastic work.

    Big hugs