Thursday, May 3, 2007


Here are my kids playing in what is remaining of the Murray River. Hallie is in water but the twins have mud in their toes!

The photos were taken at Easter. We were in Tocumwal,NSW. Just across the Vic border - where they have only SLIGHT water restrictions! Can you believe it! I was mortified when on this day, a council worker spent 15min hosing the concrete at the local playground, which was on the banks of the LOW Murray!

My friends little boy asked his mother just the other day, "What's a sprinkler?" and Grace told her Dadda off when he washing his hands, " You are wasting water Dadda!"

Thank goodness for the recent rain. Today I am here typing this entry because Hallie's junior school sports got cancelled due to wet weather! It was very shocking, because we are so used not having to worry at all about it! Plus - a fortnight ago the ground was considered too hard for the littlies to play on!! They are actually banned from running at playtimes - because it ruined the extremely dry surface!

Children of the drought. I am going to walk my gilrs across our towns local attraction - Lake Wendouree. We hope they may never see it bone dry in their life again!

Praying for more rain still....

Celeste xx


  1. Love that photo of the twins Celeste so cute. We are glad for the rain too, going to take the kids for a walk across Eppalock, not much water there either.

  2. so different here... our dams are almost full. and no water restrictions at all. of course we are careful with it all the same :) gorgeous photos again

  3. One of the bonuses of living in N droughts up this way
    Its still beautiful and green everywhere
    when it rains we feel guilty when we see how dry the rest of the country is
    AWESOME photos Celeste