Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Hallie's 'present' for hr birthday was to have a friend sleepover instead of doing the whole party thing...

Well let's justsay they had a ball! Played on the barbie websire, in the sanpit, beading and bathing together and talking until 10.30pm! I finally threatened to remove Ainsley - lilo and all to the other lounge if they didn't sleep - and that seemed to have the desired effect!

So there - done and dusted - my very first little girl sleepover! It wasn't so bad...Rod did forget that she was there and went to the toilet with the newspaper and the door open though! I have never heard such giggling in all my life!


Celeste xx


  1. how cute a girlie sleep over!
    cool photos
    i managed to get some of the links on mine too
    thanx deanne!