Saturday, February 24, 2007


I was out walking the dogs last week and I found myself remembering the day I found out I was having twins. All aspects of that ultrasound are etched in my brain. I can even see Hallie wiggling in Rod's arms as the picture of those two little floating heads came up on the screen in front of me.. I realised that every two or three months I recall this life changing event...Just to make me smile. Sometimes it's when they are driving me crazy, other times when I feel sad about other things...This little memory never ceases to bring a little bit of sunshine into my days...Hence, my scrapbooked page...
I should have blogged before I did the journalling on the LO! What I have said here is better by half ! LOL

Cheers Celeste


  1. Great layout celeste and I know exactly what you mean about thinking like that about finding out about having twins, I'm the same..

  2. having not had twins i cant imagine what it was like but having singles was very exciting seeing one on the screen !!!
    what an awesome memory to cheer you up and they are so cute too!
    i love this LO its really lovely

  3. I always reckon I'd freak out if I found out I was having more than one. :)