Monday, February 26, 2007


It seems like a good idea to use this blog as a way of recording journalling I might want to put onto layouts...So excuse my dribble and just skip over it if it doesn't interest you!
This photo has been floating around in my head for about 24hrs...So it must be the next one I want to scrap! Our litlle mini holidayto Yarrawonga was hot. The girls had become so confident in the pool we thought they might be able to handle the local waterslide. Jemma was quite simply the bravest. Darling girl. Whilst the other two squealed all the way down and even cried on their way to the top (Hallie!) you stoically went up the three flights of stairs time and time again. You sat in our laps without hesiatation, for the slippery ride to the bottom! I even tried going on a mat with you! Bad idea! We went so fast! Still not a whimper, no complaint...and at the end... this gorgeous photo and even a smile....Before I snuggled you up in a nice warm beach towell!
Brave girl Lizzy Lou...Love you xx

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  1. I'm sure if I go back through my blog I'll find some stuff I'd forgotten about.