Thursday, March 7, 2013


I have ben enjoying playing along with FatMumslim Instagram photoaday challenges for the last few months.. Today, (And the other day) I felt obliged to put the Iphone on the backburner and take out my real and first love my DSLR to undertake the challenges..

Today's photo prompt was fear. I had mulled it over all day while at the swimming pool, school drop off, the supermarket, working...And then I wondered where my old mate was...It is REALLY hot here today and I hadn't seen him inside in the airconditioned comfort..

I stepped and outside and glanced inside his kennel..He was sprawled out on his side and didn't respond to my first gentle call.. As often happens these days..he's going deaf..My heart lurched with fear - and then he sat up - albeit groggy - but he sat up and came out to greet me..

I grabbed the camera and snapped him for a few minutes..Knowing full well he particularly dislikes my big camera..I kept it to a minimum.. and I shot these:

He's fifteen this year..he's lost his partner in crime already..He's deaf..Slightly blind and can only go a short distance these days.. He still runs up the hall like a crazy fiend and likes a little roughing up now and then.. But mostly he sleeps ALOT..

A very real fear is the loss of him.....



  1. omg thats one old dog...... very cute but, and i love love these pics of him......we lost our labby 2 yrs ago, he was only 5 and a half yrs old

  2. Yeah I know that feeling as a pet ages... I know yo will cherish him in your hearts forever...