Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Big boy room:

We were offered free bunks..Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth.. We jumped at them! Carted home in the trailer in pouring rain. Unloaded in even more rain...

A shopping trip the following day where a dinosaur emblazoned doona cover, doona and pillows were chosen and then a full afternoon of room rearranging  and redecorating ensued.. And here is the final result.. That's his precious homemade baby blanket now being used as a throw on his top bunk..His handmade name pillow made by two pixies..His handmade dinosaur by Sash...His monkey taking pride of place and a cool croc we bought at Aldi before he was born..

Swinging around to the other side of his room..His feeding chair - now his reading chair (also care of twopixies) is in the corner. All his artwork I made is clustered together - and I made his dresser look extra pretty. He has a wooden train I picked up for 50cents, his robot clock and new dinosaur book ends..
And a mini-photoshoot today in his chair to cap off the te transition to big boy bed..Which is going well..He's sleeping in more and has only fallen out twice so far..



  1. A real boy's room - the bunks are fabulous & he looks so happily smug in 'his' chair in his Big Boy room - good on him:):):)

  2. OH he is getting such a big boy! What a cool room for him to grow up in!!

  3. How sensational Celeste. Great job!! XxDani

  4. Gee whiz Rylan what a young spunky gentlemen you are.. look out Girls!!! What a groovy stomping room Celeste, my boys would love that room, especially with Dinosaurs!!
    Take Care Hun.
    PS loving your health and fitness jounrey too!! :) XO