Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thurs:

I am thankful today that she is 3. I love her so much and three year old her is just simply divine. She is adorable, forthright and downright charming. She is also stubborn and knows exactly what she wants..She had her 'boyfriends' over for a playdate this morning..Identical twin boys..Whom she thinks are the bee's knees...I wonder about the twin thing? Is she drawn to them because of her twin sisters?

She is so well spoken.. Has lovely manners, (now)....and loves on her baby brother to the point of absolute distraction. She is right into barbies..and cars too... Will hppily play on her own..But LOVES to be included in her big sisters games...

Brushes her own hair and let's her sisters wash it, (very brave)... Sleeps in a big bed..But loves to climb into ours in the wee hours at times...

Is enjoying story time now..Before turning three she couldn't and wouldn't sit still to be read to...
Loves 'lips'...(lipstick and lipgloss) and will fossick through my handbag to locate them and put it on..


C xx

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