Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gumboots and love:

As per usual I have edited and blogged far too many. I get so eager when I see the ones I like...I totally overdo it!
We visited Claire and her family at the tail end of our anniversary weekend away and the weather wasn't playing nice.  Rod and I drove to the toward the Yarra Valley and the rain came at us..

I was a mildy concerned..

Bah! We all put on boots - ALL of us... and out we went.. And boy did we need the boots.... You should have seen me clunking around in the oversized Rossi's..But as Claire correctly pointed out - I wore them out nightclubbing - many a moon ago!! Ha!

Claire...Your little getaway is so pretty and is a wonderful location for my photography!

Your family is totally beautiful and I hope you love the shots as much as I do..I am sorry it rained on your hair...BUT..I think the photos are perfect.. The love was so obvious...

At least from Hugo the dog anyways!!!!   Just ask my husband.....LOL!

C xx

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