Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Year Changes..

Every body seems to have a list of resolutions as long as their arm. I won't resolve to do anything!
BUT I will make a small list of things I might like to accomplish throughout 2011..

1. I have already mentioned this..But I would like to be IN the photos more often. This is entirely about relinquishing some control and having faith in the ability of my husband ( or the timer!). I have done it alot over the Summer. So already I am seeing  a trail of benefits. Not only am I in the photos, I can LOOK look at myself alot less critically in them when I am IN them more often. Does that make sense?  Plus I am involved in activities - not just behind the camera. I have been swimming, boogey boarding, sewing, making sandcastles - all captured! Yay!  The other big plus is my husband is becoming more confident handling the camera and composing the shot. Win win!
 Helping Jem catch a big one!
Me and my little sand fairy - she was NOT keen on the waves so much..

You know how much fun Dan and I wwere having from the look on our faces.. Or we could still be laughing at me in my hubby's wetsuit! Like a saggy baggy puppy really..

2.  I have to credit Tara Whitney for this one. 
     One family 12 times:
 I hope to take a family photo - all 7 of us once a month for the whole year.. Got myself off to a flying start:

 This was us. Jan 2011. At the end of our camping trip, at the end of our holidays, at the end of the first month! We are dirty, filthy, hot, unkempt and I LOVE it!

3. I was crusing around the blogs and was reading about Liz Kartchner's resolutions and borrowed this one:
Saying yes to my kids more often.
2010 was SO busy. All those maternity issues, morning sickness, heaviness, tiredness, breastfeeding, hospital stay, baby crying, baby changing, baby spewing. Well lets just say those ISSUES took up alot of my time. I felt like I was saying NO to my other girls ALL the time. So I resolve to do better! Look:

They desperately wanted to make little decorative pillows for the special friends..
So YES..We spent an entire afternoon cutting, pinning, stuffing and sewing...
They look great and they learnt a few new techniques too!

4. This is the last one. Don't want to overburden myself hehehehehe....I want to get fit again. I was in great shape when I got pregnant with Rylan - and I want to get back there...Boogey boarding took it out of me and it was so much fun. I NEED to be fit for my family and for me..

BIG mean waves they were.. I had to barge through them backwards to get out..Hurt my breastfeeding essentials otherwise!!

So there you have it...Keep me in line people......

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