Monday, January 17, 2011

Home sweet home.. part one...

We're baaaack....for a week..Then we're off camping.. Holidays part 2..
Mind you Kennett River has been flooded this past week.. Could be very interesting..
So anyways we left Yarrawonga..pulled a great big drive yesterday afternoon..
After swimming in the pool for hours, thought for sure it would exhaust this crazy person:

But alas no..She was awake ALL four hours of the drive...Sigh...
This little trouper cried alot even though he was offered plenty of foodies:

But eventually crashed out and gave as a miniscule moment of sanity.... Thank the lord for the three bigger girls and their personal DVD players..I think I would hve committed hari kari if I had kids back in the seventies with no air con and  no DVD players as my personal salvation.. I don't care what kind of parent I am - But I cannot play eye spy for  four hours straight!
So now we're home, unpacking, cleaning, washing and blogging... The first three being the bane of the otherwise pleasant experience of the extended summer vacation! Coming home post-camping will be far worse I hazhard though...
Any who - in a vain effort to retain that Summer feeling I will post some more shots from our time away:

Water slides.. A standard Summer experience to be sure..



drawing, riding, crocs, noodles, floaties and swimmer nappies...
all part of the holiday experience..

Nothing quite like late evening sunshine and swimming

Wedgies...always a pleasure..

Giant blow up crocs provide endless entertainment ( and initially scare swimmers who surface to find it in their faces!)

A few shots of my little brown berries..And how they seem to grow and bloom in the Summer sun.. The humidity had alltheir hair curling up - it was beautiful!

Speaking of  growing..Check out this gorgeous little weed!! My baby boy is huge and totally scrumptious..
He did get a an infection on his cheek after these photos were taken and it's still on the mend..But I still want to eat him!

 C xx

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