Sunday, October 24, 2010

7 x 2

A special happy birthday message to my little twinnigans.. They came in my bedroom, ( where I was dozing with Rylan)  so I could kiss them for their birthday before they went to school...When they went out I had little teary session into my baby boy's sweet little head. It hardly seems possible that my tiny premmie twin girls are now seven. I always think about the day they were born with a little sadness. It was, looking back a very stressful and emotional time.

THEN....They weighed a combined total of 8 pounds, couldn't breastfeed, were fed through a tube for weeks, spent 3 weeks in separate humidicribs, wore 00000 clothes for at least a MONTH and eventually learned to breastfeed together. When they came home from hospital it was total chaos too. They never slept at night and it was a time of total exhaustion.

NOW..They are beautiful, thoughful, kind and sort of shy seven years olds who sleep through AND often sleep in.. They ride bikes without training wheels, have lost opposite front teeth and a few more to boot, read novels,wear size 5 and 6 clothing, have buckets of friends ( who can and can't tell them apart) and whilst not super TALL by our family standards are big girls!


Mama loves you xx

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  1. thank you for sharing about your gorgeous girls! i hope they have had a happy birthday and have a wonderful year ahead!x