Sunday, May 2, 2010


Rod got suckered into a 'mini vege patch'..Needless to say it turned into a massive occupation over two weekends..I stayed inside and out of it..Until it was time to take some happy snaps:
Needless to say it was fun, cold and muddy expereince..They planted manhy types of veges in a relatively small area..So we will see how it all goes...
Oh and thanks to Cindy for the template to get all of my photos on like this..AWESOME!
Ooh and if you liked Cindy's dress made for Hallie ( pictured in the previous post)...
 follow the link to her blog ( which I have since corrected..)
and then follow her link to her etsy shop..
She is very clever..I believe she might make them to order?? But check with her!)

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