Saturday, May 15, 2010

The change..

This illustrates perfectly how much our little family has grown and changed over the previous 3 years.. I was at that time fairly confident purchasing 3 bar stools to accomodate our 3 girls.. Boy was I wrong.. We have added the two chairs..Milla was wanting to be up there with the others and they had been sharing seats..Not really a great option considering she is such a fidget and they are so high up..

So here we are set for number five to take his/her place amongst the masses!


  1. how exciting Celeste!
    how long to go honey??

  2. I've just caught up on the fact that you are pg again! Congrats. I am 37 weeks today...not long for me. This will be #3 for me. I felt god awful for the first part like you, and also like you, I found out while holidaying in a caravan (I was in Albury! Not far from you...must be something in the NE!! LOL). Hope things are going well. I have to go take a heartburn tablet now....reflux is KILLING me!!!

    BTW, I LOVE your pictures. You have really developed as a photographer (no pun intended either).

    Sam Simpson (Paperdoll)

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