Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Summer images..

I am posting more from our Summer holidays as I get to editing them! I seem to only get a small window to do my own..Between paid jobs..Can't complain really..Kinda brings back the fun we were having.. Like these..How hot it was..This cheeky baby went from frightened to super confident in under a week! She was launching her self (floaties on) off the step into the deep end.. Jumping off the edge without holding my hands...
Oh my _ I love these shots of Gracie..She was so happy and tired and messy and just gorgeous.. These two are basically straight out of the camera..Only some very minor changes..I love the blue light in them.. And I love her Summer hair..She hated the knots..Naturally..
One of sweet Jem with her composed 'camera smile'that I can't get her to give up for the life of me.....But still gorgeous all the same..It's her  eyes..So very beautiful..
And of course my biggest babe..Her 'hill billy' front baby teeth finally fell out after sticking out of her mouth at right angles for weeks.. I recall being concerned anout how she might look with them missing..I needn't have worried..She looks perfect..Bias I know..But two people commented that she should be modelling within days of her teeth falling out..Go figure.. Check out the dry summer skin on her..Happens to her the worst every year...

Nighty night xxxxx


  1. Looks like you all had a great time...we really need to get away soon before the weather turns cold.
    You should totally do Daybook entries...

  2. Awww....your girls are grwoing into gorgeous young ladies, Celeste!!
    Beautiful pics!

    Chelle Xx