Sunday, December 14, 2008


Thanks for all the lovely comments about my Master's win. It's great just to be finally able to tell people! I am very proud of my entry this year. I was 36 weeks pregnant and creating over that giant tum was no mean feat!

Thanks also to Fee and Mel (Master's in their own right this year!) for encouraging me to enter an giving me ideas! I ouldn't have done it without you both!

I haven't seen a copy of the mag yet..So am looking forwawd to it arriving! My prizes have arrived though! I picked up 5 giant parcels at our little local post office on Friday. Wow! When I explained what I had won to the lady retrieving them, the customer in line behind me was very jealous and said so! You see there is a scrapbooker lurking around EVERY corner!

My girls were excited to help me open everything and being sticky tape fiends, were thrilled with the copous amount I received! Won't be searching for that elusive roll this Christmas Eve!

Pens galore too! Them being 'junior scrappers' that they are, they too were drooling over all my goodies and eagerly ready to swoop on anything I might allow them to have! Needless to say, my newly arrivde stash is still scattered around our entrance way until I can find a home for it all!

Thanks to a little bit of blogging and congrats I have rustled up my nine team members:

Alice Fettling
Anne Marie Cox
Julie Gordon
Kathie Link
Lynette Van Barello
Melleny Ams
Michelle Jamieson
Tammy Templeton
Toni Crane.

Congrats to you all and looking forward to working with you. I think I have travelled to all of you blogs that I can find? You work is amazing.. I am honoured.

Thought I woud post a couple of photos of my biggest girl. Looking beautiful and working the moment.. Thanks babe..


  1. Hi honey, very happy for you :)
    Hallie is looking adorable as always.

  2. A very big Hello and Congrat's to you!!!
    I am looking forward to getting to know you and work with you.

  3. Hi Celeste!
    Wow congrats to you as well :) And what stunning photos of your little girl!

    So far I have got a box of Maya Road, a box from Dalton packaging (sticky tape! lol ... we are always running out here so it is great!), a box from bumblebee, a box from Melissa Francis, Fiskers and Xyron.
    What have you recieved?

    Enjoy creating!

  4. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to working with you this/next year too :)

  5. Congratulations on becoming a Master!!
    Looking forward to seeing the mag soon :)
    Your little girl is just beautiful!

  6. Congrats Celeste! Looking forward to getting to know you! Haven't seen the mag yet but have checked out your blog and love your work!

  7. Congrats Celeste! Many of us SO admire your stuff! Have fun next year with your Masters experience!

  8. Fabbo Celeste. A very deserving winner. And I am excited to tell people that I show the mag to that "I know her"!!! (I'm a bit sad really!!)

    Looking forward to your creations (as ever) over the next year as you fulfil your Master's stuff!

    Well done and congrats.

    Love Sam (Paperdoll)

  9. Congratulations Celest on making SM Masters!