Friday, December 5, 2008


Seriously! Lucas is so cute and two weeks Miss M's junior..Perfect age to match them up! Nic's other two boys are betrothed to my other girls..Keep it in the family I say!
Now he is two weeks younger - but twice as heavy! Little oompa loompa!
Love him Nic!
Love these photos!


  1. OMG ... I got a mag in my mailbox today. I'm so excited for you babe!!

  2. Just stopping by to say a big CONGRATULATIONS on being selected as a scrapbooking master ... I like stopping by your blog and look forward to seeing more of your work in SBM .... OH, and I love the singlets you made your girls, so sweet ... cheerio, Pip

  3. Gorgeous photos, long time stalker, first time commenter, LOL

    My little fellow is about 6 weeks younger than Milla, he's huge though.

    Congrats on Masters, can't wait to see what you produce.