Thursday, August 7, 2008

more shots...

Sheesh! This is turning out to be the most photographed baby bump ever!!
My good friend Kirst set up a back drop at Nik's house and took some more shots of me...They aren't up ta her site yet but I am dying to see how they turned out! I got her to take some with the twins, coz Mel hadn't been able to get them as they were sick at the time...

Of course I got home on Tuesday afternoon and felt gulity that Hallie had missed her chance of being forever captured with the bump.. So I stripped her off and set up the self timer on a bar stool and here are the results of that mini shoot in her bedroom!

NO more photos now until bubs makes his/her entrance!!
Camera is charged and card is empty and ready to go!!

I am due Sunday....
I feel no where near like I might give birth..
A friend suggested waving a packt of chips in the general vicinty..
Rachel on Friends wanted to smoke it out..

All interesting theories being considered..
Any other bright ideas??

C xx


  1. Try waving tim tams...much yummier!

  2. Yikes, I'd better get a move on, or you'll be in labour before I've PP'd those shots! So many to choose from - you are all too photogenic! Although, I'm a bit embarrassed to post mine after seeing Mel's - they are gorgeous. Stay relaxed! K xx

  3. Patiently waiting for some baby news. Hope bubs makes an appearance soon for you sweetie (if not already)