Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thank goodness for this craft..

It has led me here..

Mel Nunn and I started scrapbooking at the very same time.. The reason I know this is because we met in our local scrapbook shop when our girls were babies..
Four and half years on the same three little girls go to kinder together and Mel and I are still scrapbooking..

But it's where scrapbooking has taken me, probably us, outside of glue and photos that I am grateful for..

It has allowed me to be published in magazines, blogging and created a love of photography I could have only imagined. This has bought me paid work in this field, a fabulous DSLR camera and put me on a steep digital learning curve, that keeps me entralled...

Scrapbooking has also afforded me new and wonderful friends..Which is what brings me up to now and these photos..Mel dropped by for an hours or so..The kids ate potato chips, stripped to their undies (??? we learn not to question their wild and wonderful ways!) and together we took these lovely shots... I could not have imagined it possible when I was pregnant the first two times.. I would have assumed I would need to go to a studio..

But through scrapbooking I am here and I have these fab shots to treasure..Thanks to Mel for the use of her camera and skill whilst mine is sick... and you just gotta love photoshop right?? I edited all these myself in Elements... We make a great team and have come a long way from glue and paper!

Good luck Mel - She is photographing another pregnant lady on Monday..Hope I gave some inspiration!

I will post more shots tomorrow, including some colour....Oooh..I am 24 weeks in these shots..
Sorry I blabbed on so much..But it's nice to see yourself lookin' good when you mstly feel fat and heavy..

I rock being preggers!!
That's all I have to say...

C xx


  1. Wow these pics look stunning and so do you!!!!!!

  2. you look like a very gorgeous sexy mumma!! great photos!!!

  3. ooh, I just had a little teary! I remember that day so clearly when we met, and little did I know that by that chance meeting I set my life on a different path. I didn't forsee the hours we would spend playing with glue and scissors, the laughs and the tears (from laughing too much) that we would have together, and the friendship I so cherish.

    I hope that our daughters will have a great friendship like ours because my life is so much richer because of it.

    It was a pleasure taking your picture and thankyou for sharing this special time with you.

    Oh and Ya... you rock being pregnant for sure!!

  4. Oh these are so beautiful, Celeste. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. you sure do rock hon. gorgeous

  6. Lovely images. Mel has done a great job.

  7. Just stunning Celeste...well done Mel. Can't wait to see them scrapped! :)

  8. Celeste, you look absolutely gorgeous. What fantastic photos.