Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Changes..Lots of changes..

If I had my camera, I would photograph them.But slowly, things are changing in preparation for bubs arrival...

WE have the new car.. Rod cleaned up the baby car seat..and we put it in (for Sophia..baby sitting duties!) scary!!! It's all getting a bit real!

Girls craft table (and collective crap!) shifted into their toy room today..I bought some aqua blue vinyl, usually used on the tops of tables and have put it underneath to protect the carpet..I tidied their bookcase..So now it has books (neatly stacked) and all their at equipment within reach of their art table ny the window...

So the 'scraproom'....Aka bub's room...is slowly emptying.....

I did this layout a while back...But thinking about bubs..Makes me wonder at the new picture..With chubby little toes included...



  1. Eeeeeeeeeek.......what do you mean the baby is taking over the scraproom?!?!?!?!? Priorities girl, priorities! (Surely he/she can fit onto a shelf in there for a while?!?!?!?)LOL!

  2. Hi Celeste:)
    This is willow and i scraplifted one of your layouts over at a spoonful of sprinkles:)
    I hope you didnt mind me scraplifting...your original layout is so beautiful and i kept looking at it, when i decided i had to have a go, but in my 'style'!
    I do love your work..but promise to not scraplift again!!!