Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Thanks everyone who stopped by and left a comment! It was lovely to hear from you all!

I had a flat nauseous day yesterday... Fell away in the afternoon badly...I napped and then barely moved from the couch... Ho hum...Better today.. So far..But that could be because I am currently 'kid free' - kinder and school... WOW! Will make the most of it me thinks...

Last poolside pics I promise...I will actually attempt to upload some layouts....Not that I have done many....*sigh*

A big happy birthday to my darling Hallie who turned 6 on VAlentine's DAy... Will post some birthday photos next..

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  1. Hi Celeste just dropping by to say hi and to wish you happiness during your pregnancy hang in there
    I met the lovely Fi and Mel at a retreat in Ballarat in november - unfortunately you were not there for me to meet you too!
    Stay happy hang in there!