Monday, February 18, 2008


Sorry about my lack of blogging in recent months....But I have a really GOOD excuse...

I am 15 weeks pregnant!! Have spent the Summer getting through the first trimester hassles...What better way than with lazy days with my girls by the pool on vacation...

I hope you are all still dropping by...Sorry about the constant 'movember' photo when you arrived.. But hey, we made ourselves a 'movember' baby....EEK barely want to think about that!!

Due in August... I have officially 'popped'. Just starting that second trimester glow...Energy levels starting to rise....Please leave a comment if you are dropping by...Would love to know who is out there...

Know I know I am fighting a losing battle...Summer is going to end..Thought I would continue to post some of my fave shots from the Summer hols to make it last longer...

Celeste xx


  1. I'm reading!! Congrats again! I'm all sad about summer going as well. I hate the cold!! But at least this year you will be too busy to even know what the weather is doing ;o)

  2. Wow, 4 kiddies! That's fantastic news. I wish you all the best with the pregnancy.

  3. Aha you are finally out with it!! Glad to hear your energy is up. The summer is starting to pack up over here too, but can't complain we had such a great few months of glorious sun! xx Kate

  4. Congratulations Celeste! That's fantastic news. Best wishes for a wonderful pregnancy.

    Chris Millar

  5. OMG - how the heck did you get the time to do that Celeste?!?!?
    CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful news!
    BTW I've missed your blogging girl - glad you're back in the land of the living!

  6. Hey You:)
    Glad the 3rd Tri is kicking in!
    I've missed your if I could just get my bottom into gear and start blogging too *sigh*

  7. opps...that was
    forgot to leave my name!

  8. Yeah, gotta say I was over the Movember shot ;)
    Congratulations again Celeste. Wishing you a smooth and uneventful pregnancy.

  9. Hooray you are blogging again!
    Missed you lovie
    Awesome news about your new little bun in the oven!!!!!

  10. YAY! another cutie bubba!

    Thank goodness we have more beautiful kiddie shots to look at , that Mo was starting to give me nightmares!!! ROFL!!!!!