Wednesday, April 24, 2013





..the secret is out ...and finall...y they are husband and wife.. This is my brother and my sister-in-law - officially now! The beautiful and imtimate ceremony has been kept under wraps for quite some time. Yesterday was the perfect day for them. I was very busy snapping away - but I heard their vows and they were so lovely. Appropriate and sentimental too. I am so happy they are married - but the love and simplicity of yesterday is complete and total proof that they did this the RIGHT way..Their way and perfectly.

Congrats guys..We had a wonderful time and it was my absoloute pleasure to be able to capture the moment for you both..

Family is everything..



  1. Awwww...totally gorgeous - great photos & sooo good that they did it THEIR way for THEIR day:):):) And wonderful photos, I'm totally gaga over your SIL's SHOES....IN LURRRRVE with them!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They are gorgeous Celeste, your very talented