Saturday, December 8, 2012

December Daily..ish...

Everyone is doing it..Aren't they??
Every year I see all these glorious DD albums on everybody's blogs.. And this year I am on Pinterest and Instagram...( ooh sweet and adorable iphone 5 of mine..) and they are everywhere.. Hanging out at Studio Calico only makes it worse - it's a huge thing over there and they are running this awesome 25 Days class with Maggie Holmes...Oh sigh..At this late date...What is a scrappy girl to do??

Dive in with both hands..paper and sequins of course!
This is my cover..I am planning on adding sequins and some gorgeous glittery thread that I bought today..Getting into the groove as I go along...
Being late to the DD party..I am not participating in Maggie's class and obviously haven't purchased the kit - so I making it up as I go along..I made my blank pages, (some big and some smaller) and cover... And away I went..

My inside cover and facing page...That's real confetti mod podged on...I had all of the crate sleigh ride range so I am basing it around that colour scheme and adding bits as I go.. Keeping all my bits and pieces together..So I can get them out every day...

first page..I have a new iphone - as I already mentioned... so I am using that to take LOTS of photos and getting them printed..Anything to simplify the process...

Second page..Still about the tree..and still my iphone photos..
Being crazy busy - and not able to print photos from each day..I am detailing traditions and little moments throughout Dec important to us...
To give myself an advantage on the night we set up the tree I took LOADS of shots and of little details on my DSLR and iphone, that I knew I could use throughout Dec..
There should actually be a little extra page in the middle here of the girls little handmade decorations -but I didn't have the photos printed yet..will add it later..

More pages to come..
I am finding by doing this I feel more inspired to be festive??
You know sometimes you get kinda blah about Dec??
DD is dragging the Santa out me!
Ye ha!!



  1. Well done, I have not caught the DD bug as of yet, and I like how others are creating lovely little albums of December memories.. I am sure the end result will be very special, what you have done so far looks wonderful!!

  2. Gorgeous!! Im taking this class over at SC.....although finding it hard to find time to actually complete it each day. ha ha ha I think Im just going to do a recap of December!! I do love your album!!