Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Final Goodbye..

It was a huge endeavour to get all the Sampson's together - camping..BUSH camping..Thanks Dad and everyone for organising it all. The weekend was fabulous - as these photos can attest. Plenty of fun, flies, sun, dirt, swimming, 4wheel driving, fishing and lots of memories of Grandfather...
I am sure he was watching us..and puffing out proudly at his family...
Seeing his ashes scattered in the river wasn't at all sad for me..It was like he was where he should be..The girls were very respectful at this time. Standing on the bank holding hands and not saying a word. All without any prompting from us.
They coped with the bush toilet system..In fact they took to coming along with me too..You know you are a mother when your children want to assist in buyring your number 2 with a shovel!
They ate damper, caught fish with Grumbles, went on the biscuit behind the boat..Stayed away from the fire..Had a bush shower..Swam in the river..Miss M was TOTALLY clingy, but coped ok considering where she was! The two photos of her show the two opposing sides of her weekend!

And I will leave you with..Grumbles and Hallie and her first fish...He also helped her 'remove'her loose tooth..So the tooth fairy managed to bush tracks to our campsite as well!

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  1. Gorgeous photos, Cecil. Looks like you had an awesome weekend. Looking forward to Kennett River! K xxx