Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some more little snaps..

...of my little one.. These were also taken just near home.. I have given her some time out from modelling for me for now.. We have her party to get through tomorrow..So actually I will be still photographing her - just not posing her!
Lastly - this is my round 4 entry for Embellished Idol..
You had to incorporate painting and distressing, stitching, layering and oh yes - chipboard...
I painted the background after attaching soem textured cardstock in the same colour..
I am quite happy with how it turned out..
Off to check on the first part of M's party cake...I am making a gaint cupcake...Gawd..What was I thinking??
Seriously.. ALso off to monitor the girls as they help fill the lolly bags..


  1. I loved your layout this's gorgeous.
    Those pics of Milla are just divine, Celeste. :)
    Bet you can't wait to scrap those??

    Chelle Xx

  2. Wow! Look at those fantastic doors...I want photos there.
    Photos and Milla are gorgeous as usual, I really like the second one.