Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Models for Mummy..

I decorated these little singlets for Milla a while back. Then of course I made her model them for me!! You can tell that by the time we got to the last one she was a wee bit over it! And naturaly the weather hasn't been particularly kind to us here yet so she hasn't had a chance to wear them out!
And of course the big girls couldn't be left out - so I put the letters of their names on a singlet fo them too!

Don't you love the M! I am going to put one on a bib for her.. I have been making bibs too..

My dear hubby mentioned today that I am in a very creative space right now.. I have been sewing up a storm! I will share my latest creations soon -as well as my layouts.. Have a few of those backed up!

Am off to a 'Celebration of Learning" hour at H's school!
Oh and yes the pink wall from a previous post is local - The side of the Haymes paint building!


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  1. milla is absolutely adorable Celeste! hope your going well, your photos look great!