Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A couple more..

Just a few more shots from the wedding...Thanks to Nikala for tagging me! She is an awesome scrapper and photographer.. Thanks darl..
Now if I could only get the 'award' posted...Hmmm???
Will keep trying and tag some bloggers myself soon!

Five weeks to go and counting!

Bubba is a real little wiggler! Lots of tumble rolls and boots..Much more than even with the twins and more than with Hallie..

Maybe it is blue??
Oooh the suspense!

Had a growth scan last week..I hadn't grown enough..Only halg a centimetre in a fortnight..But the scan shows bub is only four days behind and already weighs just over five pounds! It currently has loads of hair and a tendency to poke out it's tongue when photpgraphed!!

I have fat sausage finger that tingle in the mornings..But good blood pressure,,So apparently this is carpal tunnel..not Pre-eclampsia..

Big congrats to Lisa..She had her second baby girl two weeks ago..Welcome Sarah Jade..Will post cute newborn pics soon!

C xx


  1. Aww I hope its a blue one! But with my 2 it was Lilly that was the wiggler... so who knows? Whatever it is we are all going to love him/her just the same!

    5 weeks to go? Hey the bub could even share a birthday with Tobey?

  2. How gorgeous do you and the girls look!! A blue one hey? And, only 5 weeks to go. Hasn't it gone FAST!
    Can't wait to see the new addition to your family!

  3. 5 weeks
    OMGOSH that has flown by so fast!!!!!
    glad you are going well chickie
    you all look beautiful in that pic!!
    keep us updated x

  4. Wow, that has flown. Seems like only yesterday we were talking about the possibility of number 4 and now it is almost time! All the very best Sweetie!